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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I am Happy

I am Happy :D 


Because I am making money, I have got a job and I am doing what I like to do, Graphic Design. So, if I am not posting anything here and you are wondering what I might be doing? then just know that I am sitting behind the screen drawing, creating and designing stuff.

I have got a little bit of skills in Photoshop since I was in 8th standard but I didn't knew that any one would hire me on the basis of those skills. But I tried and got successful.

Before getting this job, I was working on internet and made about somewhat between 5k - 8k designing for other people on internet. Earning this way motivated me much more and I tried learning more and more ways  to earn. 

Now I have started a blog, two blogs actually. One with my friend and one alone. In hope to count it as an asset in future.

I have found out one thing that if a person can write well on internet he can get paid well. There are so many sites that pay for words, so many so many sites are there. I would have to learn :D

There are so many things in line for me to learn. I want to learn so much but so less time. :( 
Exams are going on these days so if I am not studying I can't even do any other things these days. I have to show that its exams time, I have to be in pain. 

So, here is a Happy Ending on a Happy start blog post. :D

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