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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome Back New year, You haven't changed since we met last time

Its seems like yesterday, when I started this blog about my personal life. But when I opened it today, I saw I haven't posted from past 6 months. Damn! seriously ? I thought its just been weeks. Okay no issues, actually its a very big issue. Why can't I just stick to one thing?

Cut all this, this boy will never stop complaining about his life.

Happy New Year 2013 
Its New Year, if you don't know check the date, today is 1/1/2013. Oh yes! Now please don't thank me. Please!

New Year New Day, Think of New Life (because every one know its the same old shit just a new day) New Year Resolutions. Yes, I love New Year Resolutions. 

I haven't completed my last year resolutions so would like to start again with the last year's. 

First one on the top is  Reading. Yea I don't know why I don't do it, I want to. So it starts with 20 books this year too. Last year I only read 3 books this year I am gonna complete 20 I hope so. :D

Other than that I don't have any new, I will update after I make the list (I am the type of boy who makes his new year resolutions after starting of the new year. :D)

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