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Friday, June 15, 2012

Smoking Made Me Poor

This world is a mess, no matter whatever level you think of achieving other people will get you down to your level.

You know sometimes I want to get rid of Smoking, half of the money I have is spent on cigarettes and other smoking stuff. No matter if I want to smoke or not but when any of my friend ask I can't deny. 

In other words, you can say that I am really trying my very hard to save all my money as possible. Today I went with friends just to hang out and we all opened Beers so saved money decreased. :(

One more thing I dislike about myself is, when people demand I will say no, but when they starting irritating me I give them. Today itself one of my friend demanded some loan of money and I gave him knowing that this guy is not going to return it back again. I hate myself for this, not only this time but in past I don't know how much money I have just lend to people, which they never returned knowing I will never ask. 

That's it for today I completed three days continuous blogging everyday. I think I am going well with my plans.

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