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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Money Makes Me Happy!

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy." - Dalai Lama

For now, what makes me happy is MONEY, because money is the thing with which I can do whatever makes me Happy. Everyone wants to be happy, so am I. People have different reasons to be happy, I have my own.

Some people are happy when they get beautiful girls every night on their bed, Some people will be happy when they will clear the IIT entrance examination, but for me, I get happy when I travel, I read, I party, I eat and when I do new and adventures things.

But what I have seen is that whatever the things makes me happy are all expensive and money is needed to fulfill them. So instead of running behind the happiness why not run behind the money and then I will think about being happy.

Some times I feel like I am writing any economics, Share Market blog where I talk about money. But in real it isn't, this is my story, how I am living right now with dreams in my eyes and mind.

Talking about the money today, there is a very sudden increase in the graph of my "Money In Pocket" numbers today. I had Rs. 50 in my pocket and my mom used to give me some money daily. But today a little argument on money happened between my parents and my father distributed money to all of us for a certain period of time.

I have got Rs. 500 for 20 days and in between I don't have to ask for money any time. I have to keep it and do whatever I like to do with it till 20 days.So now I have Rs. 550 in my pockets and lets see after 20 days how many still are left in it. Those would be called my saved money.

I am also searching for jobs right now, so the money in pocket instead of decreasing can be increased also, which will make me very happy if it really did.

I will go tomorrow or day after tomorrow for an interview for job. I hope to get any soon before my college starts this way I would be able to make some money. One of my friend is doing some events and activities where he gets paid on per day basis, I have also asked him to search for any kind of job for me.

Till then lets see what happens with this life, and where it takes me from now.

PS: From past two days I am really addicted to Facebook's application - Pool Live Tour and I waste most of my time there. Have to get rid of that, seriously.

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