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Monday, June 18, 2012

Money Loving World

This is a crazy world, I was waiting for this day from so long to go for a interview. Today when I woke up I call the girl Manpreet(She has said that she will get me a job in a call center) and asked for the address, the last time she told me to come at her place on Monday so I asked for the address and she forwarded her address on my cell phone. I called her back asking if there will interview today or not, because this place is so far away from where I live. She told me to come as she have so many options for me, as a fresher and undergraduate. 

After travelling for 2 hours in auto and metro I reached the address she texted me. I went in the office asking her, I went to her. First she told me to wait for 5 min.s which I later realized were more than 30 minutes. So after 30 minutes she called me and asked for all the details, I told her everything and then she asked this one question, Do you know anything about BPOs and Call Center?

I told here everything what ever I knew about it, then she says you don't know much about it and you need a training class of one hour which we will provide you here. I said okay and agreed to take it today, she then said you have to fill form and the training class charge is Rs. 500.

In my mind I said "FUCK this Bitch" I had only Rs. 400 in my pocket and that too include my fair to go home. WTF! Then I suddenly said I will take that class tomorrow and came back home travelling for 2 hours again.

This is really a crap world guys, everyone just need money, as much they can rob people. When I called that girl second time, she should have told me bring Rs. 500 with me. Now I am not planning to go back there and nor going to attend her calls.

Also I am really fed up with wasting my money travelling and not getting anything out of it. I am planning to quit job searching now. This is fucking bull shit, I just need a job, not your crap bullshits.

Anyway, I will be searching for jobs on few more locations and then if I don't get out with anything I will quit. I need some part time jobs, where I can also attend college side by side working.

I am also planning to provide computer service where I would be able to make some few bucks out of it. I need money, any way possible. I have not assured it but will think more about it and ask one of my friend to help me in this business(being a co-partner).

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