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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am Fucked Up!

I had so many plans with this year 2012. I thought this is going to be my year 2012, but no it didn't. I just kept on thinking and everybody else did what I was just planning to do.

Six months have passed and I can't see myself anywhere not even where, I used to stand. If you see my status graphically I am moving down like skydiving without a parachute. Maybe this is because I forget about all this in day time and at night on the bed I curse myself for not doing anything. 

  • I had plans to read 20+ books this year but till now (in 6 months) I have only completed reading 2 of them. #Fail
  • I had plan that I will make/save some money and will travel to any hill station but now in my pocket it is only 72Rs left with which I can't even travel to the other part of Delhi and come back. #Fail
  • I planned to make some good quality and amount of music after I get a microphone at home. Its been more than 5 months when I got my mic and not even recorded a single track. #Fail
  • I had plan to write rhymes/lyrics daily (at least 8 bars) in my notebook but not even a single day I have written anything in my notebook after the day of planning. #Fail
And the list goes on with #Fail tags at the end. Nothing is done This is what I have made to my life, a hell. I don't even deserve a hell but just a simple NOTHING.

My life is never on the same route it changes path every time I see something interesting. I feel like I am choosing right things for me and going on a right path. But choosing Right path again and again brings me to the same place where I stated from. So I actually never started, It is better to stick with one Right thing instead of too many.

Also to help myself keep updated with my plans, I am planning to write more posts, I am even planning to write a post daily, which is quiet impossible for me but will try my best. I want to prove myself wrong in some things and this is one of them.

So that's it for today, will see you beautiful girls and handsome guys next time. :) Bye

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