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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Call Center Job

As Promised in my last post I will try to write a post daily, I am back today with another post. 

Writing the yesterday's post, it again motivated me towards my goals and things I am struggling in my life. Today I really did something that can be counted something as working on the goals. 

Today I went for searching a job for myself, actually I was searching for job from so many days but was not working on it. I just tell my friends that if there is any job then do tell me about it. That's it and even if there was any I didn't went into the interview because of the laziness.

It was few days back when one of my friend got his job in a BPO/Call Center, again as usual I asked him if he can do something for me? He gave me a telephone number of consultants through which he got his job in IBM. After so many days of letting my Laziness win today I went to them and they replied me that there are no any jobs available right now for me (as I am a undergraduate and not experienced).

The man gave some numbers telling me these guys need some undergraduates and freshers, you can try there. I felt like it wasn't really worth going there. But lets see I will call on those numbers tomorrow and see if there is anything available for me.

There was a time I wasn't even thinking about doing any job I had saved so much money that I was enjoying it and was happy. But now I have nothing in my pockets and I am searching for anything that can give me money. Right now money in my pockets is  Rs. 86. 

My mother gives me something like 20 - 30 Rs. daily for going to college (Bus Expenses). As my college is off these days I take the money and go out and say at home that I am going out for college.This way I get some money to my pocket and save it. But going out of home saying college is also not as cheap, I had go to my friends or somewhere where some times my all money is gone and sometimes (rare) none.

From today, I keep update how much money I have saved till now. I will add a separate side tab(on the right) for it. 

That was it for today I hope to keep my posts on daily on this blog. I don't till when I am going to do but the more I do the better.  :)

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