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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Artist Is Sleeping

Hello again, its been so long I haven't wrote any post on this blog. I was a lil busy with my life all this month. I started to paint one day I don't know how but it all started and I did some good paintings, some good art works. So was busy with all that and didn't got time to write any blog post. So again why I am here blogging again, am I free?? Yes I am free, I am bored of painting now. lol :P sad but true. I don't know why I don't stick with one thing in my life. It always keeps on changing, though I do what I love to do, but I love to new things and can't love one thing for always. I hate myself for this. 

Well Painting has not went completely off my mind but I don't feel like doing anything, its like the writers block,
You want to do something but at the same time you can't.
Okay lets see where it takes me now. I will try to keep on with art but not hardcore will make good art but sometimes only, will not keep on doing it always. I think this is the reason why I get bored with it and then I try to find something new.

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