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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I am a Looser

I made some goals at the start of this year and this is fourth month of this year and I am not following any of them. What a looser I am. I should be beaten with a stick, as my father used to beat me when I got home with poor grades on my report card.

I had goals like I will read 20+ books this year and this fourth month I have just read 2 of them. Check my reading list here. I also made goals for writing everyday but I just stopped writing 3 days after making that goal.

One very big problem with me is that I can't concern, I keep on changing my mind and this tends to start new things in my life, not small ones but big ones. Like now I have started drawing. Graffiti is my new love now, I am doing it daily, drawing new characters daily, and completely lost in it.

I have to have change my self with this. Physical fitness was also one of goals but it is just left with a "was" tag with it.
I would try to make some new goals this month and would buy some new books to complete my reading list of 20+ books this year. 

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