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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Loan Me Motivation

Motivation, everyone needs it in their lives, it is very powerful tool to control you and your mind. Some people just don't need it but some people die for it, I fall in the latter category. I seek every opportunity to get my self pump up with Motivation.

There are ingredients in the good life. Learning, Earning, Yearning.
- Christopher Morley

Motivation has played a very big major role in my life. In my 10th class(Boards) I was so motivated that my hard work got me 95% marks in class. My Father was so happy for the first time, my Mother is always happy with me what ever I get. But the 95% marks also made me happy, so happy that there was very less time between when I was 110% demotivated totally.

Fuck! Now what? Demotivated?
Ya, demotivated obviously I failed my next class. I had to repeat it and I passed with some very low grade marks that means I was still not motivated with the Fail stamp on my report card.

Its like, in any thing I get motivated for one time only, then it all ends and ends very softly. Like the ant completed walking to the top floor of the building but just before she can finish, she falls off. Similarly I, when motivated is at the top floor of the building but just before I can stand there I fall off.

Now, I want that motivation, that zeal, that zeal to do something in my veins. But that never comes, that zeal to write, that zeal to study, that zeal to ..... so on. I don't know how I build myself to write this today otherwise I am very lazy to even click anything else than Facebook and Twitter on Internet.

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