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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I want to get Famous!!

I am following a Wordpress blog who is by a boy like me and writes on the same topics as me. Yesterday he wrote a blog post in which he told about his success and what he has got doing that hard work he was doing. That was really a inspirational post but the post actually made me sad.

I am here trying my very hard to do my own things and get success in it but I can't even describe what is the feeling when you don't achieve something just due to your laziness and your own faults. I keep on taunting myself for this but not even a single hair on my body moves on it. I am really very depressed with my self.

What I am doing this time is something really interesting, I am just trying my hard get famous. Yea, you heard right I am trying my hard to get famous.

Famous, why I want to be famous?

I saw that people who are famous really don't need to do anything and there is no any problem with money because you get money doing the things you are famous for. I am working on most of the social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. to get famous. I know it sounds silly, I know it will not benefit me in any way but I feel like for doing this so I am.

Tomorrow when I will read this post I might feel surprised at myself that what I was doing and how I was actually handling myself. Lol

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