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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why You Should Not Make Money Online

I want to learn Music. No! I just want to learn to play the instruments. Actually I want to understand music.

This non-dieing craze of music entered inside me 2 years back. I loved Hip Hop/Rap music (I still love it), and I wanted to become one of them.  I still remember when I recorded a simple freestyle rap on my headphones mic. and it got hit among my friends. My inspiration was Dr. Dre, 2pac, Notorious BIG, Eminem, Lil Wayne and may more in the list.

I also recorded on track in studio collaborating with one another Rapper. I was like I am bron to be in this industry, I loved doing that. As time passed my my zeal to learn music started increasing more and more.

Wiz Khalifa    
The first thing I wanted to learn was Piano/Keyboard. I contacted some institutes which provide classes for it. They all needed money(money is what this world runs on). I was not able to afford them. So I thought of making money.

My parents would never allow me working on any part time job and they neither will give support to my music career. So there was one option to make money online, I started researching about it and as much I got deep into it I learned some tips on how to make money online and all with Trial and Error methods. But the money I was getting was so low, you can calculate it by imagining that I just got a microphone in 2 years of working online. It should 2 years of wasting my time online.

Till yesterday I was doing the same things, fighting to make money online. But it all changed when I get onto my bed after completing my works to sleep. I started thinking about it and I decided to not to invest waste time in all this and should do what I like to do. If I would have taught small children Maths(my mom's idea, she usually repeats) I had made so much of money yet to satisfy my needs of learning.

No issues, I have some plans now for this new year and I am sure I will get on with them. I hope this year 2012 is not just passed away as the last year 2011 was. I want to be something, I want to develop something inside me. I want to be that man who I always wanted to be. And I will.......

- Deepak

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