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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wake me up

Is it all a dream? I feel like some times that this dream is soon going to end and I would be able to start all over again in reality. I hope so it is, because the life what I have made till now is just getting worst and worst.

I would be happy if this dream breaks and I become that young boy again. It is not like this dream, I am living is, so worst that I don't want to live in it anymore. If this is reality then I am just trying to improve it from past few years. I have learned till now that there are no shortcuts and working hard is the only policy to get with this life.

If I get another chance to live my life I am sure that I have so much experience that I won't let my life go like sand in my hands. I would do it simple and sensible.

PS: This post may be due to the Movie I just watched before writing this. The movie was "Inception".

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