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Friday, January 20, 2012

Out of control thinking

 The why I am using this picture in this post is because I am feeling like this so right now. I am thinking and thinking and thinking actually I am thinking too much. This is what a problem I am facing from these days - I am thinking too much.

What I am thinking?
Nothing special, just my past and my future. 

Reading that above answer you might say "It is good to think about your future" but I am daydreaming actually with that Future word. I am lost always. I am not in present anytime I always keep on thinking about something. What I think? Let me share some incidents.

Today I went to play snooker with my friends(yea, I know how to play snooker :P) on the way we met a girl from our class of college(we all three friends were from same college). I just had few words with her(not more than 1 min.) and we move on to our snooker club.

When I came home I was thinking about my meet with the girl, questions like how I spoke to her? etc. keep rolling in my mind. I am not in love with her or something, it was just like I was thinking about her and I realized it so I made a post on it.]

I keep on thinking about the events all time it is like I keep on dreaming all the time. I am physically present in my college classes but mentally I am reciting those bad or good memories of my past. I also keep on thinking about my future plan or for a proper word Day Dreaming.

I want to get rid of this and I am trying my hard. But according to me mind is one thing the most hard to control among my all body parts. If this keeps on going I will most probably not be able to concern on anything I do. It is very hard to be active in the present situation.

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