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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sun in June

June, I love this month so much. This is the time of the year when I and every other student like me enjoy at their best. Their is no home work from school, no tuition classes, not only this but if the holiday homework is completed early, we would not even look at the books this whole month.

Now I am in college and summer vacations are no more there for me(Well I should say Summer Vacations are whole year for me now :P).

 At this stage of life, half of my body has been tanned by this June in Delhi. This month June and the electricity in my area, both are two good friends. As this month starts, it comes with free gift for all of us, Heat, Heat and more Heat. To cut that heat we all use fans, A/C, coolers, Fridge, etc which all run on power. I think June is the month when we are provided with the least amount of power. Or may be I simply feel like this. :P

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