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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stupid April

"Your new classes will start from the 1st of April" says my Teacher while giving my Final exams report card to my Parents.

1st April
New class, new books, new uniform, new teachers, and old friends. One more year decreased from the count to get out of the school and an increase on count of Juniors.

The day in school starts with not trusting anybody in this month. He can make you "April Fool", the one I have suffered so much from my friends. Not only I have suffered but I have made people suffer too :P

One of my friend will come running towards me and will say that my parents are in the principal office and Principal mam' is calling me.
"Fuck you" I know he is making me April Fool.
They start making some weird faces, which gives me a doubt about it and I run to Princi's Room.
And the same thing happens which I was sure about, No one in the Principal Office. I will go back and they will start to sing this -

"April Fool Banaya,
Bada Maza Aaya..."

Even my sisters still sing this when they win over me. There are so many things they do which I say "I too used to do this stupidity" :P

This post is for the Months Of The Year Challenge (Season 2)

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