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Monday, December 19, 2011

March Mathematics

"Its my final maths exam tomorrow and you want me to fail again?"
"Okay bro, I will surely teach you maths at your place in the evening." Handa replied me
"One more night stay? Okay, anything for you teacher."

I was waiting for him at the corner of the street and around 20 mins.later he came out from his house.
Started OSHO and landed near me(Handa Dad's scooter, we call it OSHO because of the word written on front of it).

He parked the scooter in front of my main gate and walked to my room on 1st floor. I looked at watch and it was 10:36, I calculated we have more than 6 hours to study this Sin and Cos theta.

We sat down on my bed. "Shall we start?" shouted Handa
"Not now I am hungry for my dinner. And please don't speak so loud" I replied.
"I got late because I was having my dinner. You go, eat your dinner and come back fast. I am here only."

I came back and he was lying on the bed, busy with his cell phone.
Few minutes later we started with the most scoring chapter. We wanted to score good marks by studying less. I don't know when but just few minutes later we ended. Not really, but because we wanted a break(lol :P). Handa started to search about Bikes on his phone, Honda Stunner, Yamaha FZs, Hero Honda Karizma and so on. I started feeling sleepy.

After around one hour of Bakchodi we went back to out Mathematics. I was not getting anything new inside my head because Handa himself was dumb like me. He just knew some formulas which were worthless. Again after some half hour of worthless mathematics we needed a break(WTF!)

It was around 2:30 PM when my sweet assh*le friend broke a Desi Alcohol bottle in my room.
"What the Fuck" I said and started to stare at the broken pieces of glass as yellow liquid spilled on the floor. It took me a complete minute to realize that he actually did that.

"Fuck You, Handu Gandu" I said and ran out of the room to to get something to clean this shit. I threw pieces of glass in the open field behind my house and wiped yellow liquid to the washroom. Still there was smell in the room.

"Fuck You Handa!" I think I stuck with Fuck word. 3 times :P)
Handa still laughing, lying on the bed. I locked the door and went inside my blanket on the floor.

"Hey Deepak!"
"Deepak" My mom was shouting from the window of my room(my door was locked). I opened my one eye and saw light outside the window, checked time it was 6:10. (OMG!)
"Deepak, you don't want to go school?" Mom said
"Coming mom" I replied and looked at Handa's sleeping face.
After two minutes of shouting on his ears and 3 pushes, our Mr Handa woke up. He rushed to his home after looking at the clock.

We again met in the school before the start of our exam, we both were in different classes(just for exams). When I got the question paper in examination room, I was like "I don't know anything except one question". I started it and ended that 30 second question in 20 minutes because I was sleeping. Yes, I was sleepless.

"Fuck You Handa, I am Fail" I said as the girl beside looked at me. I downed my head on the bench and slept for the next 2 hours, until the exam completed.

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