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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

January Cough

The party boy inside me waits for it whole year. Starting with my new year resolutions, which I end up delaying for the next year. January, the month of Republic Day, Makkar Sakranti and Vasant Punchami.

For me, a month, you do something wrong and you will be doing it whole year. For my parents, a month, to predict my future - "bas 2 mahine bache hai, dekhte hai iss baar kitne se fail hoyega"

Delhi in January is like a ice cube, can't go out of our homes.
Cough, Cold, Sickness through our blood and bones.
Sweat Shirt, Caps, Loaded with fabrics as much we can, 
Still come out to watch girls in Hot Pants :P

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