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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I am Happy

I am Happy :D 


Because I am making money, I have got a job and I am doing what I like to do, Graphic Design. So, if I am not posting anything here and you are wondering what I might be doing? then just know that I am sitting behind the screen drawing, creating and designing stuff.

I have got a little bit of skills in Photoshop since I was in 8th standard but I didn't knew that any one would hire me on the basis of those skills. But I tried and got successful.

Before getting this job, I was working on internet and made about somewhat between 5k - 8k designing for other people on internet. Earning this way motivated me much more and I tried learning more and more ways  to earn. 

Now I have started a blog, two blogs actually. One with my friend and one alone. In hope to count it as an asset in future.

I have found out one thing that if a person can write well on internet he can get paid well. There are so many sites that pay for words, so many so many sites are there. I would have to learn :D

There are so many things in line for me to learn. I want to learn so much but so less time. :( 
Exams are going on these days so if I am not studying I can't even do any other things these days. I have to show that its exams time, I have to be in pain. 

So, here is a Happy Ending on a Happy start blog post. :D
Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome Back New year, You haven't changed since we met last time

Its seems like yesterday, when I started this blog about my personal life. But when I opened it today, I saw I haven't posted from past 6 months. Damn! seriously ? I thought its just been weeks. Okay no issues, actually its a very big issue. Why can't I just stick to one thing?

Cut all this, this boy will never stop complaining about his life.

Happy New Year 2013 
Its New Year, if you don't know check the date, today is 1/1/2013. Oh yes! Now please don't thank me. Please!

New Year New Day, Think of New Life (because every one know its the same old shit just a new day) New Year Resolutions. Yes, I love New Year Resolutions. 

I haven't completed my last year resolutions so would like to start again with the last year's. 

First one on the top is  Reading. Yea I don't know why I don't do it, I want to. So it starts with 20 books this year too. Last year I only read 3 books this year I am gonna complete 20 I hope so. :D

Other than that I don't have any new, I will update after I make the list (I am the type of boy who makes his new year resolutions after starting of the new year. :D)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Am A Whore To Myself

Crazy but true, I am writing this post actually after exact 10 days after my last post. I was the one who said I will try to write my posts daily. Huh!!

And guess it came out true what I wrote in the second day daily post, I will not be regular that is for sure. Yes, I didn't posted anything on this blog for actually 10 days. But why? Because I was busy.

Busy! You know I was playing Pool on Facebook, Playing Age of Empires, Smoking with friends, and watching Youtube videos which will not help me anywhere at all. I was busy, but never studied, never did anything in these busy days, which can get me somewhere good. 

Fuck My Life! I have become my own whore, I just know how to get the fun out of my body.

Also right now I feel like I write this blog just to curse myself. For example all of my posts are just cursing me, I don't do this , I don't do that. But you know what, how much ever I curse, I never made anything where I can't curse my self.
Monday, June 18, 2012

Money Loving World

This is a crazy world, I was waiting for this day from so long to go for a interview. Today when I woke up I call the girl Manpreet(She has said that she will get me a job in a call center) and asked for the address, the last time she told me to come at her place on Monday so I asked for the address and she forwarded her address on my cell phone. I called her back asking if there will interview today or not, because this place is so far away from where I live. She told me to come as she have so many options for me, as a fresher and undergraduate. 

After travelling for 2 hours in auto and metro I reached the address she texted me. I went in the office asking her, I went to her. First she told me to wait for 5 min.s which I later realized were more than 30 minutes. So after 30 minutes she called me and asked for all the details, I told her everything and then she asked this one question, Do you know anything about BPOs and Call Center?

I told here everything what ever I knew about it, then she says you don't know much about it and you need a training class of one hour which we will provide you here. I said okay and agreed to take it today, she then said you have to fill form and the training class charge is Rs. 500.

In my mind I said "FUCK this Bitch" I had only Rs. 400 in my pocket and that too include my fair to go home. WTF! Then I suddenly said I will take that class tomorrow and came back home travelling for 2 hours again.

This is really a crap world guys, everyone just need money, as much they can rob people. When I called that girl second time, she should have told me bring Rs. 500 with me. Now I am not planning to go back there and nor going to attend her calls.

Also I am really fed up with wasting my money travelling and not getting anything out of it. I am planning to quit job searching now. This is fucking bull shit, I just need a job, not your crap bullshits.

Anyway, I will be searching for jobs on few more locations and then if I don't get out with anything I will quit. I need some part time jobs, where I can also attend college side by side working.

I am also planning to provide computer service where I would be able to make some few bucks out of it. I need money, any way possible. I have not assured it but will think more about it and ask one of my friend to help me in this business(being a co-partner).
Sunday, June 17, 2012

Money Makes Me Happy!

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy." - Dalai Lama

For now, what makes me happy is MONEY, because money is the thing with which I can do whatever makes me Happy. Everyone wants to be happy, so am I. People have different reasons to be happy, I have my own.

Some people are happy when they get beautiful girls every night on their bed, Some people will be happy when they will clear the IIT entrance examination, but for me, I get happy when I travel, I read, I party, I eat and when I do new and adventures things.

But what I have seen is that whatever the things makes me happy are all expensive and money is needed to fulfill them. So instead of running behind the happiness why not run behind the money and then I will think about being happy.

Some times I feel like I am writing any economics, Share Market blog where I talk about money. But in real it isn't, this is my story, how I am living right now with dreams in my eyes and mind.

Talking about the money today, there is a very sudden increase in the graph of my "Money In Pocket" numbers today. I had Rs. 50 in my pocket and my mom used to give me some money daily. But today a little argument on money happened between my parents and my father distributed money to all of us for a certain period of time.

I have got Rs. 500 for 20 days and in between I don't have to ask for money any time. I have to keep it and do whatever I like to do with it till 20 days.So now I have Rs. 550 in my pockets and lets see after 20 days how many still are left in it. Those would be called my saved money.

I am also searching for jobs right now, so the money in pocket instead of decreasing can be increased also, which will make me very happy if it really did.

I will go tomorrow or day after tomorrow for an interview for job. I hope to get any soon before my college starts this way I would be able to make some money. One of my friend is doing some events and activities where he gets paid on per day basis, I have also asked him to search for any kind of job for me.

Till then lets see what happens with this life, and where it takes me from now.

PS: From past two days I am really addicted to Facebook's application - Pool Live Tour and I waste most of my time there. Have to get rid of that, seriously.
Friday, June 15, 2012

Smoking Made Me Poor

This world is a mess, no matter whatever level you think of achieving other people will get you down to your level.

You know sometimes I want to get rid of Smoking, half of the money I have is spent on cigarettes and other smoking stuff. No matter if I want to smoke or not but when any of my friend ask I can't deny. 

In other words, you can say that I am really trying my very hard to save all my money as possible. Today I went with friends just to hang out and we all opened Beers so saved money decreased. :(

One more thing I dislike about myself is, when people demand I will say no, but when they starting irritating me I give them. Today itself one of my friend demanded some loan of money and I gave him knowing that this guy is not going to return it back again. I hate myself for this, not only this time but in past I don't know how much money I have just lend to people, which they never returned knowing I will never ask. 

That's it for today I completed three days continuous blogging everyday. I think I am going well with my plans.
Thursday, June 14, 2012

Call Center Job

As Promised in my last post I will try to write a post daily, I am back today with another post. 

Writing the yesterday's post, it again motivated me towards my goals and things I am struggling in my life. Today I really did something that can be counted something as working on the goals. 

Today I went for searching a job for myself, actually I was searching for job from so many days but was not working on it. I just tell my friends that if there is any job then do tell me about it. That's it and even if there was any I didn't went into the interview because of the laziness.

It was few days back when one of my friend got his job in a BPO/Call Center, again as usual I asked him if he can do something for me? He gave me a telephone number of consultants through which he got his job in IBM. After so many days of letting my Laziness win today I went to them and they replied me that there are no any jobs available right now for me (as I am a undergraduate and not experienced).

The man gave some numbers telling me these guys need some undergraduates and freshers, you can try there. I felt like it wasn't really worth going there. But lets see I will call on those numbers tomorrow and see if there is anything available for me.

There was a time I wasn't even thinking about doing any job I had saved so much money that I was enjoying it and was happy. But now I have nothing in my pockets and I am searching for anything that can give me money. Right now money in my pockets is  Rs. 86. 

My mother gives me something like 20 - 30 Rs. daily for going to college (Bus Expenses). As my college is off these days I take the money and go out and say at home that I am going out for college.This way I get some money to my pocket and save it. But going out of home saying college is also not as cheap, I had go to my friends or somewhere where some times my all money is gone and sometimes (rare) none.

From today, I keep update how much money I have saved till now. I will add a separate side tab(on the right) for it. 

That was it for today I hope to keep my posts on daily on this blog. I don't till when I am going to do but the more I do the better.  :)